What about a relationship with God?

The Summer Camp Programs of the West Michigan Conference of the United Methodist Church are about meeting the hopes and dreams of parents, and creating lifelong, life-changing memories for young people in a safe, fun, and caring environment. 

Your child will have the opportunity to look back at the summer and remember singing camp songs, sensing the sounds, sights, and smells of nature, creating new friendships with kids from faraway places, and discovering an ever-greater love for God in their hearts. Your child will grow in self-confidence, resourcefulness, and gratefulness as they encounter a spiritual awakening that will unfold over a lifetime. 


We know that going to summer camp is often a big step for kids and parents alike.  We believe our responsibility is to offer a safe, exciting, and memorable faith experience for your child.  Camp is a time to take off the iPod, turn off the cell phone, and clear away the distractions of everyday life.  It is a place to experience the amazing beauty of our world, to connect with people from other places, and to take the time to learn and grow in faith.


Our deans and counselors are carefully trained to make our camps a safe place for your child. Every camp is staffed with trained medical personnel and accredited lifeguards, and each staff member must undergo a thorough background check, as well as extensive training.

Programs and Objectives

United Methodist summer camps are about fun! Our programs are designed to keep kids of all ages and backgrounds engaged in interesting activities all day long. Each camp shares common activities like swimming, music, crafts, and canoeing, but each camp also offers its own unique theme. Read about the campsites and the individual camps they offer to see how your child can experience the best summer yet.

We provide the space and the environment for your child to grow in their relationship with God. While all of our camps adhere to the mainstream theology of the United Methodist Church, it makes no difference what faith background your child comes from – or whether they have any faith background at all. No matter how far along their faith journey a child has traveled, we welcome their diversity! In a caring Christian atmosphere, we make sure your child is offered the opportunity to experience God in some way throughout their stay at camp.

Safe Atmosphere

Every child who attends camp is unique and special. We recognize that each child has emotional needs, so we give the time and attention necessary to insure that their stay at camp is fun, safe, and engaging, and we allow them the space to grow in faith in ways that are personal to them. We can’t guarantee that they won’t feel a little homesick from time to time, but we can assure that there will be a caring counselor always available to comfort and assist them.


Lawrence United Methodist Church Financial Assistance

LUMC rewards for attendance in Kids’ Club, Youth Group and Sunday School by assisting in the cost of camp.  Additional scholarships may be available from the West Michigan Conference.  Camp attendance rewards will be announced mid-February.


Make sure to complete both a camper registration and scholarship application!


If you have questions, please call Kim Thompson, LUMC Camp Coordinator at 269-655-4458 or




122 S Exchange St

PO Box 276

Lawrence, MI 49064

Phone: 269 674-8381

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Community Food Pantry

  1st Wednesday of month 4-6 pm

2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Wednesdays of the month 9am - noon 




Children Sunday School10:00am 

Adult Sunday School       9:30 am

Worship                           11:00 am

  ALL are welcome!



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