LAWRENCE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH is a non-profit, religious organization that provides outreach and resources to people and families who want to learn more about how we can serve Jesus. Every week we come together as a community of believers to give thanks to God, share our lives, hear the stories of our faith, and renew our souls.  Through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we discover strength and hope to meet the challenges of our daily lives, through Jesus Christ, our Great Shepherd.


We invite you to join us often for Worship each Sunday morning and/or Wednesday night. 


We the people of the Lawrence United Methodist Church LOVE You and Pray for YOU!!!!!


So Come Home!!



The grant funding for 2017 has not yet been received and the monthly Feeding America mobile food truck is suspended until further notice.


We are still having the weekly Food Pantry distribution every Wednesday morning 9am - noon and the last Thursday of each month from 5 pm - 7 pm (for those unable to come Wednesdays or mornings).


Building Projects


Parsonage Roof

The parsonage roof developed numerous leaks and the shingles had reached their maximum lifespan.  The A-Team (Jason Johnson & Co.) took off the old shingles, patched the bad spots, put ice shield over the entire roof and replaced with high quality shingles.  They did an excellant job and not a nail was found when they were done!  What a blessing to have the house repaired!


Furnace Replacement

Our 50+ year old boiler has finally come to the end of its life.  Field Plumbing & Heating will be replacing our old 60% efficiency boiler/furnace with a new 95% efficiency boiler and furnace.  The new system will also provide a new hot water tank and eliminate the need for a separate hot water heater for the kitchen and bathrooms.


The two items listed above are well beyond the financial savings of the church.  Arbor Financial Credit Union provided a low-rate mortgage of approximately $63K to cover the cost of the two projects.  The mortgage is a 5 year ballon with payments based on 10 years.  We are asking for sponsorships/pledges to cover the minimum monthly payment of $630.  Additional proceeds will help us pay off the mortgage in its entiretly within the 5 year loan term.   If you can help us financially, please forward your check to LUMC, PO Box 276, Lawrence, MI  49064.  Make sure to note that it is for the mortgage.  Or drop us a note and let us know which month you would like to pledge.


Your generosity is greatly appreciated as we continue the good works the Lord asks of us.

The LAWRENCE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH provides invaluable community services, such as worship, learning, serving and more. In addition to our community service activities, we have regular meetings and activities at our location, so that our members can join together and plan new goals for the future. Learn more about our work.

LUMC Teams
Take a look at your fellow Christians who are helping with the work of the church. There are a number of openings and we would love to welcome you as a fellow servant of Jesus! Use the Contact Us form to let us know your thoughts or availability.
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Contact Us


122 S Exchange St

PO Box 276

Lawrence, MI 49064


Phone: 269 674-8381


For questions, prayer requests or feedback, use our contact form.

What Keeps Us Going

People working together as the body of Christ to bring others to Jesus.


"The Lawrence United Methodist Church has helped me develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ"


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Regular Hours

We're here to welcome you. Please stop by during these hours:


Sunday Worship

    11:00 am Service


The second Sunday of each month is a potluck fellowship luncheon.

          ALL are welcome!


Every Wednesday

    9-12 pm Community Food Pantry

   10-1 pm  Free Community Brunch

    6:00 pm Free Community Dinner

    6:45 pm Kids' Club

    7:00 pm Adult Bible Study





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